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Louis CK vs Bill Donohue radio spat about Lucky Louie and Donohue's Dishonesty 2007 BEST FUN

This debate ( audio | video | 10 minutes ) occurred in 2007 on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show between Louis CK and Bill Donohue from the Catholic League. It's a short one and there is a video that is the whole segment with Louis CK here, if you're interested.

3.5 Stars: It's always great when comedians get a chance to talk to scumbags like Donohue because they'll make fun of them without worrying about the rules of argumentation BS. BEST FUN

Louis CK is my favorite comedian along with Bill Hicks and Mike Birbiglia. I've enjoyed his stuff since his Live in Houston stand-up album. Bill Donohue is the dishonest, despicable scumbag in charge of the obnoxious Catholic League. He's known for having no scruples at all and getting offended by anything.

Louis CK was in the short lived Lucky Louie show on HBO. In 2006, Donohue made a press release labeling the show "barbaric" and listed several reasons why. Louis CK brings was sitting in on the Opie and Anthony Show for an interview with Donohue about the controversial Dakota Fanning rape scene. At the end of the interview Louis CK asked Donohue about his criticisms of his own show.

Louis CK brings up Donohue's press release, supposedly penned by Donohue himself, that lists a bunch of "offensive" things about the show, for example, "Louie does not want to get his wife pregnant until they figure out a way for her to have consistent orgasms." Louis CK asks why Donohue has a problem with a married couple deciding to make their sex life healthier before attempting to have another child.

Donohue completely goes into cornered animal mode. First he denies writing the thing, then he tries to ignore the quote Louis CK mentions, and then evades everything thrown at him. You can tell he is drenched with sweat by the effort. When he says he didn't actually write the press release and someone else did it in his name, CK calls him dishonest and flat out calls him a press hound looking for anything in the news to complain about and latch on to.

These kinds of moments are nice because Louis CK is a comedian. He's not some academic, religious critic, or scholar or head of a watchdog organization or something. He's able to just make fun of Donohue and call him names without endangering his or an organization/community's reputation.

He also happens to be absolutely right about Donohue.

There are several funny parts in this little clip. There is also a confusing part for those who aren't familiar with the show Lucky Louie. One episode features the 16 year old daughter (played by Emma Stone!) of Louis CK's friend on the show offering to blow Louis for being so nice to her.

This is mentioned in the press release, but when it is brought up it sounds like both Louis and Donohue are talking about two different things. Louis mentions that the part is taken out of context - that the girl offering to blow CK comes from a poor home environment, which has warped her mind into thinking that's how you'd reward a guy for being nice but Louis CK's in-show wife - a solid, strong female character - explains how that's wrong, especially when older married guys are considered.

However it seems like Donohue is talking about the Dakota Fanning movie scene while Louis is talking about the scene just mentioned, so they're talking past each other. Like Donohue admits earlier, he didn't see the show.

Anyways, this is too fun to pass up! Check it out!

Good AQ, it's radio. The video is audio only.

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