Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Debates Should Be Free!

This post is a rant similar to my debates I'll never know post. The only difference is that these debates are available, but for a price.

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong v Dinesh D'Souza

This is the debate that made me wanna make this post. These guys seem like two polar opposites, S-A is a thoughtful atheist philosopher who has managed to beat Craig in a debate whereas D'Souza is a neo-con talking head who's claimed that racism isn't an issue in America anymore and will say anything to win a debate (he once made fun of Barker for talking about how the book is supposed to have been inspired by god according to Christians by pointing out that everyone knows that the bible was written by men over hundreds of years...he said this as if it was supposed to be a point for him!)

The only reason I can see why this debate occurred is that they both were associated with Dartmouth at some point.

Never the less, what! How have I not heard of this debate? It took place in 2008 and no one else in the irreligious community interested in debates has mentioned this one. The reason for this, I have decided, is that you gotta buy the debate! You have to fork out 20$ to get it, and it is less than two hours. I decided to see all the awesome movies that I love that I can afford and buy with 20 bucks. Here they are:

Children of Men
Princess Mononoke
Cabin in the Woods

You get the idear.

James White v Robert Price
UPDATE: I bought this one, it was 4+ dollars. Dr. White: if you're gonna make people pay for your debates: make them all one file and less annoying to download, sir!

White v Bart Ehrman

White v Shabir Ally

White v Mike Licona

James White does this stuff for a living so I can ultimately understand why he does this. However, it is still pretty lame because White has debated a lot of folk on different issues. I do in fact, review one of his debates here, but I feel bad cause it was on YouTube and probably not approved of. I want people to access all the debates I review for themselves on this blog. I especially want them to do so without resulting to accessing them via illegal means or worse, pay for them.

Keith Parsons v Pastor Trigg

I've complained about this one before. Not only is it no longer in stock, but it would only be available in VHS form, so I would have to find a VHS player to watch it!

Hitch v WL Craig

This one is easier to get with investigoogling and I think it was even free on the internet at one point so you could still get it via the wayback machine, mayhaps? This one suffers from what the S-A v D'Souza debate suffers from, why is a debate with such a popular front man (Hitch) being sold instead of freely given? I know the generic reasons, but I like the reasons I have for them being free more than those generic reasons. Le sigh.

Misc Debates on The Infidel Guy

Notice the lack of a link to an example? Well that's because IG.com isn't alive anymore. So hundreds of media files filled with debates are lost to us! Reggie (the Infidel Guy) was nice enough to okay my hosting the episodes that I have on my own server but there are hundreds of debates on that site that I didn't download cause they cost money! Woe is me!

Anyways, sorry for the lack of substance in this post. I just wish I could listen to all these debates and that I could further link them to you, dear reader!

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