Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ahmed v Peoples on Morality 2010

This Unbelievable episode ( audio | 1h20m31s ) occurred in 2010. It pitted my philosophy crush Arif Ahmed against New Zealand philosopher Glenn Peoples.

4.5 stars. BEST CHECK

APF review: 4.5/5
WK review: Xians always win.

This is a great episode of Unbelievable. Both Ahmed and Peoples know the arguments and had probably the most heated, intense and aggressive nice dialogue I have ever heard. They talked about morality and whether or not one needs DCT to justify morality.

Ahmed holds  a different, less popular view that there are no moral facts and gives other arguments as to why we still need to be moral. I think that Damion talks about this debate a little better so I highly suggest you read his review I linked to above.

The most adorable thing occurs in this debate that I think was also a good thing. The two opponents were talking about stuff that apparently was just flying over the host's head. It was quite funny too, because usually after one person says something, the host will summarize it or comment on it and bring in the other person to counter the point. I can see why this is done on the radio but I don't like it. It's as if one guy didn't say his point properly and the host has to clarify it, which isn't the case a lot of the times and it might also be the case that the host condenses or even incorrectly reiterates the points made by the person and their opponent thus has two potential options: address what the person says or address what the host says which can potentially get them out of addressing explicit points their opponent made but still look like they addressed the argument.

I know Justin is the host and this is his show so ultimately he can do whatever he wants, but it seems like so much more content can be addressed if most of the show were just an interaction between the two debaters.

And so, because it seemed like Justin was out of league with Peoples and Ahmed, the format I always hope these shows would take occurred. Several times, for example, Ahmed would say something and we would hear Justin do this: "...Glenn?" and then Glenn Peoples would respond. It was quite amusing.

Glenn Peoples did a solid job too, he was pretty good at keeping up with Arif Ahmed though I think he got out of a few issues with his views on DCT at times.

This is a must listen, dear reader!

Technical: Great AQ.

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