Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ahmed v Ward 2013 Worldviews

This debate ( audio | video | 1h 49m 59s ) took place in early 2013. It was between Arif Ahmed and Keith Ward and hosted by Unbelievable and the Veritas forum. The topic was: a discussion of the theistic and atheistic worldviews.

DB: After 10m 30s in the audio but almost right away in the video.

3.25 stars.

This debate was more of an extended Unbelievable episode: the difference being that it was in front of a live audience, both speakers gave a 20 minute opening and there were questions from the audience.

Ward went first and did more of a lecture. It was hard to figure out where he was going with all of it and at the end of it he even seemed to recognize this. Ward is an interesting person and he seems to believe in a more philosophical god and happens to be partial to the Christian faith. I guess that's his worldview?

Despite Ward's meandering opening speech, this almost seems to put Arif off, somehow. It sounds like he had a more prepared thing ready to go but decided to have it complement Ward's speech a little bit more. He also takes umbrage to the concept of a worldview. But as usual, he is pretty straight forward, though this isn't his most interesting opening I've heard.

Then the event turns into a more Unbelievable-y episode and we get some back and forth. Nothing really insightful unfortunately. Ultimately the debate is just a discussion and though there isn't anything wrong with that, Ward is more interested in musing on things while Ahmed is just asked to respond. The reason this debate gets a slightly higher rating if because both speakers are well spoken and interesting. Ward's style of speech reminds me of how Brits sound in old recordings from before the 1950s. I was reminded of the speakers in this debate.

One question to Ward was especially interesting. The person basically noted that all of the forms of evidence Ward gave for a belief in his god could be used to support a belief in Poseidon. Ward simply

Technical: Great AQ, it's Unbelievable AND the Veritas Forum. I'm telling you, dear reader, Christians got the best recording equipment.

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