Sunday, August 4, 2013

Loose Change v Popular Mechanics 911 CHECK

This debate ( audio | video playlist | 27m58s ) took place between Jason Bermas and Dylan Avery versus two editors from PM.

4 stars. CHECK

This debate took place in that wonderful year of 2006, the year when I think the 911 Truth Movement peaked in terms of activism. I also believe that this debate focused on Loose Change 2, which is the craziest, apparently.

This one is pretty short and more serious Truthers don't hold to a lot of the claims that are discussed like the impossibility of the phone calls and missiles. However, last time I did happen to talk to irl Truthers they still were spewing these arguments.

Also, Avery and Bermas were never really too great at debating this stuff anyways. Bermas loves to talk and certainly does most of the talking in this debate and in the one he had with Mark Roberts, but he's definitely a kid in this debate in the way he and Avery snicker and act.

A short but fun one!

Technical: Decent AQ, there are several videos on YouTube but the only playlists I found also has a bunch of Truther movies on it that I didn't feel like linking to.

RE: 8-6-2013: I lowered the score, I have too many 4.25 star debates.
RE: 9-26-2013; I added a link to a video. I knew of the videos beforehand but didn't want to link to a channel that has such CT garbage on it, but I know that people prefer videos over the audio so here we are.

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