Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Max Andrews va Justin Schieber - Existence of the Christian God 2013

This is a different debate ( audio | 1:45.12s ) between Christian Max Andrews and Reasonable Doubt's Justin Schieber. It took place in early August 2013, so I think this is the most current debate I have reviewed on this site. Remember this glorious day, dear reader.

The Debate Begins around 3:40s in.

3.25 stars. Though this debate is lacking in terms of rhetorical interest, it's nonetheless packed with denser arguments given the great format. CHECK

JJ Lowder's reviews 1, 2, 3 & 4.
Counter Apologist review

Besides how recent the debate was, there were a few other reasons why I am reviewing this debate. One is that it isn't between two well known debaters, though I think both guys have done debates and are active on the interbuttz in this topic, especially Schieber.

Another reason that is more interesting is that this isn't a public debate. Instead, both guys recorded and transcribed their openings and responses. The first week they would make their openings available and they would have one week to make a response and some allotted time after that to make another response. It was more akin to the written debates only this time, they also recorded their arguments. The recording that I am linking to is just one response after another, there is a brief opening introducing Andrews. 

This structure is fantastic and I wouldn't mind participating in a debate like this in the future, when I have more time and feel more comfortable with my grasp of all the different arguments. This format also makes the responses way more detailed and packed as the opponents had more time to prepare and rehearse their responses.

But does this work out for an interesting debate? Kinda. I felt that both sides presented rather convoluted arguments that at times seemed like they could have probably been streamlined. Some of the stuff seemed super technical or again, like it was presented in an overly technical just because they had the time to be so rigorous. This is why I am giving the debate a positive review because the arguments were definitely catered for the format I suppose. I highly suggest you read Jeff Lowder's reviews of the debate, he likes reviewing them like a forensic judge and meticulously summarizes the debate as well.

Hmph. I thought I would have more to say about the debate itself but I guess I don't, for now. Sorry folks, maybe I should just solely outsource my review to Lowder...I think the few criticisms I mentioned do make sense, at least.

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