Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Craig's Favorite Debates

This blog is in serious danger of being the poor-man's CSA with all the Craig debates I review and talk about. But I must admit, he's one of the few apologists who comes off as convincing and checks off all the key things that I enjoy about a debate.

But let's move on. Craig is pretty good about interacting with the public and regularly answers questions on his personal website. I am in the very belabored process of bugging both popular non-theists and theists what debates they most enjoy. Some have given pretty standard answers and others have given more extended ones compared to others. But this one by Craig takes the cake.

Craig was nice enough to answer the following question I sent him:
I am one of the several atheists who feel you are a great debate opponent. I have reviewed your site and Q&A and have found only two posts concerning debates.
I am interested in knowing your favorite 5 or 10 debates you've had. In one of those previous Q&As you mentioned Jesseph as being a tough opponent. That debate took place in 1996, though! I hope you were at least challenged by the likes of Dacey, Ahmed, Stenger and/or Parsons!
I would absolutely love to hear your favorite debates
And Craig gave a pretty epic answer. He notes that his list consists of debates "that stick in my mind personally" and bring "back fond memories will be something that made the debate special, like an incredible venue or an electric atmosphere or a lot riding on the debate." Before saying this he did note that his most impressive opponents were Austin Dacey, Edwin Curley, Paul Draper, Quentin Smith among others.

I suggest you listen to debates Craig has had with those guys (especially Dacey and Draper) and check out the rest of his list, which includes 24 separate debates!

A list of mini-reviews of Craig's debates can be found here! 

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