Friday, June 14, 2013

Wise v Taylor Racial Diversity BEST TOP TEN

This debate ( audio | transcript | 1h39m21s ) took place on the Infidel Guy Show in 2007. It was between Jared Taylor and Tim Wise.

DB: 3m57s

5 stars. BEST TOP TEN

A pretty lame misconception by many (left, center and right) is that racism is no longer that big of an issue. It still is, very much so. Tim Wise is soo coherent in showing how latent racism is still a huge issue and though he surely filibusters a whole lot, he is very concise and to the point on a lot of things. Jared Taylor is probably the best racist pricks have to offer so this cannot be faulted for being an unfair debate other than the fact that Wise did talk a lot.

This debate should be heard by all.

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