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McDowell v Corbett Morality 2010 CHECK

This debate ( audio ) took place in 2010 between "the next William Lane Craig" Sean McDowell and old-man magee James Corbett. It was supposed to be about morality but Corbett tried his darnedest to change that.

2.75 stars. CHECK, LAP, GTP

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This debate is pretty bad.

McDowell, for his part, doesn't present anything new or special, but a) he's super charming and good natured b) he was polished and prepared and c) Corbett was absolutely awful.

McDowell presented the classic case for "divine command theory" - it is apparently impossible for Xians* to fathom a system of morality not reliant on some sky-brah - and like I said, did nothing special. He used a few different classic examples and tweaked them a bit but nothing fancy. He does however preempt a lot of the misconceptions atheists use to debate this subject and guess what, this works out.

Corbett goes up and muddles and rants. I bet the Freethinkers Club that put this debate on were so bummed by this guy. He doesn't address the topic, just bitches about Xian atrocities (which falls flat because McDowell had already addressed this issue) and is disinterested and condescending. He also kept complaining that he already answered certain objections. He kept sounding angry and asdfasdfa auuugh. Definitely a lame atheist performance.

I rated this debate poorly because of the lack of substance but I still recommend you kids check it out because Sean McDowell definitely threw down and he has a long career ahead of him.

Technical: The audio has a buzzing for the first few minutes but it goes away. Otherwise, it is nice and loud AQ

*not all Xians, of course :)

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