Saturday, June 8, 2013


This debate ( audio | video | 1h 33m 26s ) features Hitch and Rabbi Boteach. It gets quite heated but is a lot of fun. I wish it were longer!

DB: 3m 50s


APF review: 2/5 and 3/5, respectively

This is too fun of a debate. Hitchens is at his prime and it’s obvious the crowd is completely with him. He doesn’t say anything unique in his opening from the dozens of other debates he’s partook in (of which there are plenty LINK), he caters to the flaws of Judaism a little more cause that guy knows his audience.

Boteach HOLY CRAP Boteach. All the desperate religious debate tactics come out of this guy. He also yells and spends a lot of time on evolution. A lot of time on evolution. He even at one point uses Kent Hovind’s argument that time is the god of atheism. He just sounds too embarrassingly uninformed on the topic and Hitch does a good job on calling him out on it. If you think I am spending too much time on Boteach’s evo argument it is because he spent so much time on it! Just remember folks, even if, EVEN IF evolution turns out to be false, it doesn’t prove there is a god.

Boteach calls Hitch out on claiming that an Israeli surgeon refused to aid Muslims and was supported by the Israeli courts and this becomes a very funny highlight of the debate.

Great debate for all the heat it generated, not the light.

Technical: Quiet AQ but there is a video too.

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