Saturday, June 8, 2013

Barker v Friel Atheism v Christianity?

This debate ( audio ) between Dan Barker and Todd Friel definitely features the worst audience of all time. OF ALL TIME. They clapped, hooted and yelled out at anything and everything—worst than a Realtime with Bill Maher audience.

4 stars. BEST

Friel is a radio show host and he is a great one. That means he’s slimy and cheap and does nothing to add to the debate. He really just deteriates to begging the audience to become Xians and threatening them with hell. Barker is a great debater against this kind of crap but Friel’s despicableness and the audience’s obnoxiousness got him a tiny bit frazzled at times.

This is a fun debate, but it lacked a little bit too much substance for me to give it a BEST rating. Friel starts off with something that had me laughing out loud, though.

Technical: Good AQ 

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