Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Craig vs Stenger - Does God Exist? (2d Debate) 2010

This debate ( audio | video ) was between retired Physicists Victor Stenger and Craig. It took place in 2010 and the debate topic was: Does God Exist?

3 stars.

PhilVaz 5/5
WK review: Xians always win

I was pretty disappointed with this debate. Stenger did a great job against Craig in 2003 but this time around he seemed more muddled and even less prepared. Stenger even introduced whole new arguments in his closing speech, which was kind of lame because Craig couldn’t respond to them.

Craig was polished as usual and I think he did better in this debate than the previous one. He did kind of ignore some of Stenger’s arguments but Stenger wasn’t all that great at pointing that out.

The Q&A was kind of a waste, too. Not a wonderful but not a terrible debate.

Technical: Good AQ, Stenger messed up his mic at some point, though.
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