Sunday, June 9, 2013

Craig vs Stenger - Is There a God? 2003 BEST

This debate ( audio | video )  took place in 2003 at Hawaii U between Craig and Physicist Victor Stenger. The topic was "Is There a Good?"

4.25 stars. BEST

PhilVaz 5/5
CSA review: good
Ed the MSP review

Victor Stenger does better than most, he's a physicists and can better address the more sciency sounding arguments Craig throws out there than most. I further think he gave little ground and actually made a better (or more straightforward) quick* argument against the resurrection, especially since history is not his field.

But alas, Craig is just really good at having denser presentations and addressing a lot of information. Stenger's presentations just didn't come off as full of content as those of Dr. Craig.

Still, Stenger was pretty good in the Q&A portion of the debate as well. So I would rate this one up there with Dacey's first Craig debate, though Dacey was able to get a little more information out in his speeches compared to Stenger.

Stenger also debated Craig in 2010 and I want to listen to that one and review it soon!

A list of mini-reviews of Craig's debates can be found here!

*I say quick because there are better arguments that are put forth in other debates on that specific topic.

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