Friday, July 19, 2013

Till v Hovind Genesis Flood BEST

This debate ( audio 1 & 2 | video | 2h25m12s ) took place in the early 90s. It was between Farrell Till and Dr. Kent Hovind and the topic was on the scientific accuracy of the Genesis Flood.

DB: 5m

5 stars BEST

Farrell Till is another guy that Luke M. has mentioned as a good opponent to WL Craig and this is the only audio/video of one of Till's debates that I can find. It is a good one though!

Kent Hovind is a notorious YECist who has recently decided to bring his views to prisoners, exclusively. The late Farrell Till is an ex-pastor and I have heard others mention that he knew the bible better than anyone ever. The debate certainly shows that, he corrects Hovind a few times.

Anyways, they debated the Genesis Flood and Hovind brought up a lot of crazy ideas and wasted a lot of time on making fun of evolution. He certainly gave a lot of information and I must say that Hovind does do the Gish Gallop but not so much here and I actually think that Hovind is a great speaker and good debater. He is poor on logic and uses very sketchy methods but his presentation style is so slick and fast that it's hard to keep up.

An interesting thing is that Till is the exact opposite. Till speaks very slowly and is an older gentleman. He does a great job of dismantling Hovind's arguments which are poor and absurd to begin with but once you hear the crowds' responses at the beginning of the debate you'll know that Till had his work cut out for him. However I think despite this bias Till still came out on top, or certainly won more people over because of his clarity, ability to answer Hovind on every claim and unchallengeable knowledge of the Bible.

A very fun debate and it certainly made me think that Till could have given Craig a run for his money, though he would have had to be prepared to speak faster and handle more convoluted arguments.

Technical: Poor AQ and VQ, I still rec it though!

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