Thursday, July 25, 2013

Matt Slick on The Infidel Guy Show (features Robert Price) BEST

This debate ( audio | 1h09m55s ) took place, IIRC, in 2006 and it was on IGS. I guess the topic was whether or not atheism is tenable or rational which Matt agreed to right off the bat.


A lot of callers call in and beat up on Matt pretty badly. Reggie is also on the offensive in this one, a lot more than with other interviews I have heard him perform.

Furthermore, the beauty of a call-in debate is that callers can come in with only one topic they know a lot about and grill the interviewee on that. One caller calls in getting Matt pretty flustered over defining god, a bunch of callers call in pointing out that the bible does say that god did create evil and then Robert Price, THE BIBLE GEEK, calls in to call out Matt on his poor arguments for why it's okay for god to send people to Hell.

Matt's usually a pretty big bully and frankly it's nice to hear him on the receiving end of this kind of crap where his condescension, hand-waving and yelling don't hold as much force as they usually do. Matt links to the show on his site and talks about how he didn't know they were taking calls and if that were the case then that's a bummer and Matt certainly went with it like a champ.

A solid hour of good internet radio, check it out!

Technical: It's okay AQ.

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