Saturday, July 6, 2013

Craig v Dacey on Does God Exist? 2nd Debate BEST

Make a counterargument cake!

This debate ( audio | 2h08m11s ) took place in 2005 between Craig and Philosopher Austin Dacey with the following debate topic: Does God Exist?

4.5 stars. BEST

PhilVaz 5/5
CSA review: good

This is a better debate than the last, it is longer and both debaters showed that they learned some things from the previous debates. Again I agree with Luke in that this one is better for the couple of reasons.

Dacey's presentations are a little bit more dense in content. Also, Craig does a pretty good job, himself. This is one of his best performances and it is just a bummer* that it happens to be against probably one of his best opponents. Though he was without faults at times - something which probably also lead him to concede at the beginning (a classy move, btw) that Dacey is a tough opponent

Unlike the previous debate, there is only audio, and it is kind of quiet. A few stutters occur in Craig's first rebuttal, too.

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*Considering Craig's debate style, I think he wouldn't mind my talking about his debates in such a competitive fashion. I agree that not all debates should be about only scoring points but that's how Craig debates AND that still, isn't a negative view of debates, imo, anyways.

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