Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hitch v McGrath Religion in the Modern World

This debate ( audio | video ) took place in 2007 between Apologist(?) Allister McGrath and the Hitch concerning the topic: "Religion in the Modern World".

3.25 stars.

PhilVaz 3/5

This debate was just meh. Hitch is the most fun when he is debating someone more caustic. McGrath just seems too liberal. This is a shame because the debate topic was more Hitch's style in that it wasn't about proving or disproving god, McGrath, IIRC, accepts evolution and is more of a lecturer, not a debater. But alas, this one just has a few interesting moments but nothing fun.

It is also a pretty short/poorly formatted debate. There isn't even a Q&A.

Technical: Good AQ and watchable VQ

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