Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brief Post-Debate Recap

Okay so I went on the show yesterday and thought I did okay. I think I did alright in the Resurrection debate but was too scattered or didn't have the best delivery.

I also felt overall I came off as too much of a pushover. It'll make sense when you listen to it. I get the impression that Vocab Malone read my last blog post because he was extremely gracious about giving me time to say some things and we even went over time. In general 30 minutes is not enough time to debate such an interesting issue.

Also, Vocab totally did his homework and recognized that my argument was pretty much a reworded presentation of Arif Ahmed's first argument from his debate with Habermas, specifically I used the same article. Totes felt lame about that but not so much because right before the debate Ahmed said it was cool the way I put it and that I used it.

Still, I KNEW it felt kinda lame using the same article but after looking for ever for another (especially one more recent) I couldn't find one that did just refer back to the Buckhout 1975 article. It's pretty influential and the experiment it describes is just so perfect for getting the point across.

The other hosts were very cool, I'm glad I got to interact with them in the first episode but I think I just came off way too awkward in that episode so I haven't listened to it since I first converted the audio.

I won't release the audio until they do because it's their show but I'll let you know when it comes out. It won't be for almost a month though, I think in October.

Word of the day for all of us: "tease". I think I heard Vocab, myself, and the cohost Vermon all say that word at least once.

Also, here's a sketch I made while listening to the show in case you can't wait to hear it.

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  1. I actually thought you came across well spoken, intelligent and well prepared. As for utilizing Arif's argument, there is nothing new under the sun. Lol. I should admit that I am a big fan of Urban Thealogin and a believer myself. I could not however deny that you did a great job in that debate. I would be genuinely interested in discussing some of your viewpoints. In full disclosure, I am in much the same place you are in that I desire to enter into civil debates on these subjects. I would be interested in attempting this with you if you would be willing.


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