Saturday, September 12, 2015

Abbie Smith & Brandon Burton vs Lenny Horowitz - Is HIV Man-Made? 2007

This debate ( audio | little over an hour ) took place in 2007 between vaccine researcher Brandon Burton and then biology grad student Abbie Smith vs anti-vaccination snake oil salesman Lenny Horowitz. It was an episode of the Infidel Guy Show (I miss it) and they debated whether HIV was man-made.

3 Stars: If you can get past Horowitz massive ego there are some absolutely great points made against the guy that seem to completely fly past him.

Lenny Horowitz claims that the US Government started HIV in order to support Big Pharma and rake in all the money gained from charging victims for the medication offered as treatment.

He's long winded and appears to not really pay attention to what Smith and Burton mention, which is that the actual credible sources Horowitz cites as supporting his case, are not as concrete as Horowitz thinks and have actually changed their minds on the issue in the 5 plus years since Horowitz first used them as references.

This outdated position doesn't seem to phase Horowitz and things kind of go back in forth from there, slowly getting more waspishy as the short debate continues.

It's a fun debate but it's one of the few times where the complete obliviousness an opponent has to the fact that his arguments have been destroyed really kind of irks me. Horowitz is simply not a good human being.

Kind of quiet audio quality.

8-23-2015 Wrote the actual review, so I'm re-posting this! 

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