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Mark Roberts vs Loose Change Creators Avery & Bermas - 911 Conspiracy Theories BEST

This debate ( audio | video 1 & 2 | 55:33s ) took place in 2006 between the creators of Loose Change Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas and Tour Guide Mark Gravy Roberts. They discussed topics concerning 911 Conspiracy Theories, specifically those related to Avery and Bermas' documentary.

Ronald Wieck was the moderator but he's quite critical of 911 conspiracy theories. However Wieck's also known for being pretty fair and equal time was had by all.

Debate begins around 1:05s...

4 stars: Mark Roberts is unabating in the ways he uncovers the myriad sketchy claims of the 911 Truth Movement. BEST

This debate is about an hour long and is one of the best in terms of straightforward "smackdowns" of a skeptic over a crank. But all debaters were nice and discussed the topics well though I wish more of the non-technical aspects of this conspiracy theory were discussed. And though Avery was pretty quiet throughout, Bermas was very outgoing.

But I shouldn't be to smug, because Roberts knows his stuff and that Bermas and Avery are as Avery says "a bunch of kids" so it isn't a surprise that this was such a slaughter. And now I think I sound like I'm being a dick to Avery and Bermas but I'm honestly not. I do actually think they are sincere in their beliefs but just horribly wrong. I do also think that Avery's admission that his flick has a lot of dubious claims and his advocacy of other docs is commendable.

It's just that the debunkers' side has a problem in the 911 Debate. Mark Roberts got snubbed by David Ray Griffin, the respectable face of the Truth Movement while Richard Gage ONLY agreed to 'debate' Mark Roberts in thee most uncharitable format possible. So Roberts has to address just kids like Avery and Bermas. Roberts has to sit through three episodes with Jim Fetzer trying to make this theory sound sane.

I would note that this debate is dated (2006) but the views presented by Truthers mentioned in this debate are still being thrown around by your average Truther and though the movement has retreated to wanting to only talk about the WTC dust particles, their big named defenders still believe all this stuff but just refuse to talk about them because they know they sound ridic.

Mark Roberts takes on some other, bigger Truthers, namely Richard Gage which I will link to later.

Check it out!

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