Monday, May 27, 2013

Steve Fuller vs Jack Cohen Podcast on Intelligent Design CHECK

This debate ( audio | 1:02 roughly ) took place in 2006 between Sociologist Steve Fuller and Biologist Jack Cohen. They discussed Intelligent Design and evolution.

3.5 Stars. CHECK

This debate is a bit scattershot. Because of Fuller's background and how he contributed to the Dover Trial, it focused more on how the scientific community interacts with the theory of Intelligent Design.

Cohen is a good speaker and certainly comes out on top but he tends to go off topic a bit. Fuller becomes more and more hysterical as the debate goes on. He has some speech mannerism where he'll start off a statement at a normal volume but seem to get more aggressive and intense as he gets to his point. It doesn't help that he seems to get frustrated that he's not making his points clear enough for the host to follow at one point. It also doesn't help that the host is a very soft-spoken and unassuming British guy seeming to be taken aback by the caustic shouts spewed at him, too.

However, Fuller does make more nuanced arguments for Intelligent Design though his tact makes him a bit off-putting. If you can, check out this dialog. Fuller does better in it than he does in other debates I've heard him in, especially the one he had with Stenger on Unbelievable a few years back:
( review )

Low AQ.

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