Monday, May 27, 2013

Dinesh D'Souza vs John Loftus - Does the Christian God Exist? 2010

This debate ( audio | video ) took place in 2010 between Dinesh and ex-Xian John Loftus and concerned the question: "Does the Christian God Exist?"

3 Stars.

SOURCE...besides Dumb and Dumber.

PhilVaz 4/5
TFT review

This debate was a bummer. I recently became more interested in these debates from reading all the blog posts on a bunch of different sites talking about who can take on Bill Craig. Loftus was cited or mentioned several times and it was just a bummer to hear such a weak debate.

Both debaters seemed off their game a little - Loftus had a cold and Dinesh was in traffic or something. Dinesh still used his same old phrases and Loftus made a Dumb and Dumber reference that I enjoyed but I don't think was appreciated by the audience.

Dinesh had some disparaging things to say about Victor Stenger at one point. Stenger isn't the most charismatic debater but he was known for giving Craig a lot of trouble in his debate he had with him so I bet he could devastate Dinesh.

Forgettable but not terrible. Even Dinesh wasn't his more wonderfully slimy self.

Solid AQ

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