Saturday, July 11, 2015

Back from the dead!


I swear I haven't forgotten about you blog! Super busy with grad school. But now that I've graduated and realize that my degree will leave me unemployed (seemingly forever) I have more free time.

So I want to get this blog is back from the dead!

Here are some future updates I hope to have:

*The world premier of a fabled, controversial debate between Hector Avalos and Rubel Shelly!

*The semi-world premier of the second William Lane Craig vs. Keith Parsons debate!

*Reviews for debates featuring my favorites: Richard Carrier, Arif Ahmed, Jeremy Beahan, Hector Avalos, PZ Myers, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Price, James White, WLC, Mike Licona, Kenneth Miller, and Douglas Krueger!

*Reviews of a few new favorites: Sean Carroll, Justin Scheiber, and Trent Horn.

*Reviews of popular recent debates: Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham and some Dillahunty debates.

*Reviews of debates I know are going to make me cringe: the Kraus vs. Craig debates.

*Reviews of classic debates: Craig vs. Bradley, Miller vs. Morris.

*Updates on all the debate links!

*General website maintenance!

*More frequent posting schedule!

*Revisions of past debate reviews and scores!

WOW! Are you not all as excited as I am?

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