Friday, December 27, 2013

Archive of The Infidel Guy Show programs!

Why yes, I have forgotten about this blog. Anyways, Reggie Finley, the Infidel Guy has been doing a lot of irl stuff and the original website has long since been down.

A few months ago I contacted him asking if it was ok for me to host some of his episodes so that when I make posts with links to them, I know that they're stable. Reggie, being the told mensch that he is, was ok with it and so all the posts I have made that link to debates on his show are at the site I use.

BUT NO MORE! Reggie has just launched a site where he's uploaded all his programming!


Now I am not sure if all the programs that used to cost money to listen to are now available for free, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were! Check it out!

Will I come back to updating this blog? I dunno, besides getting lost in life I also got a little jaded by the non-stop wave of sexual harassment scandals that have been associated with big names in the skeptical community.

Also, it seems like the debates have kind of fizzled out in popularity...though I am basing this on my own disinterest, Bill Craig's lack of recent events and the fact that the great debate resource, Apologetics 315 hasn't made a debate post since September.

I'll try to make a favorites of the IG show post in the next month, though.

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