Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blog Quality Purge PLUS Meta Updates!

Hello ad bots that index key words I incidentally use on a regular basis, I have a few minor announcements concerning a major change I plan on starting right after posting

I am going to be editing/revising a lot of my reviews on this site in response to various concerns that have cropped up in the years since I wrote several of them.

Basically, I have found Jesus and -- just joshing. But seriously, basically, I want to make sure I don't sound like an incoherent idiot in my reviews and I want to be a bit more harsh with my ratings. Also, some formatting decisions that I apparently was quite committed to following back in 2013 just seem really annoying. For example, I rely too much on having initiallisms or shortening terms/words which seems dumb when I look at this blog with 2015 eyes.

In terms of harsher ratings, I have decided that some of my favorite debates are usually my favorites for entertainment value. I don't think that's bad, but I do think that if I keep rating debates like the Hitchens vs Boteach debate with 5 stars while at the same time rating the 2d Craig vs Dacey debate a  4.5 seems rather weak. It also kind of renders a perfect 5 star rating meaningless.

So for now all the fun debates like the ones with Hitchens won't be given a rating higher than 4.25 UNLESS they are also highly thought provoking.

Lastly, I'm sure there's some language stuff I should probably purge if I also want to start interacting with others about these topics. So yeah, I'll keep this place more PG-ish, though I maintain that douchebag is so useful an insult that it should be taught to little children in schools...aannnnnnd it almost feels like clusterfuck is too great a word to only use in my other "Debates After Dark" adult-themed debate site.

Now some announcements
Despite being pretty sure no one reads this blog, I still wanna say: I hope all of you have noticed the more consistent blog posting for the past 2 weeks!

Like I've mentioned elsewhere, I'll keep trying to review more recent debates over others and try to curb the Craig-only debate posts. But I'll try the last thing a bit less because what I am trying to do is to make sure I have at least one review scheduled for publication every week (I wish two but I'm a big ol' flake) and frankly, I've already heard a lot of Craig debates that I should review so my blog is at least active.

I had ONE other point to say but I forgot it! Such a bummer. 

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