Debate Challenge!

I have decided to see if I can tackle a formal debate!

Here is a video of my debate challenge

(Flattering af, amirite?)

Here is a transcript of the video PLUS the links I've included in the Info Section


Hello YouTube land! I'm Joe, lifelong Lord Protector of the Nation of Joe.

I'm a big fan of debates, especially those on topics relating to theism, critical thinking, and science.

In the past I have informally debated people on many different subjects and these debates or dialogues can be found on my YouTube channel.

But now I am interested in testing my formal debating skills.

That is, I've never argued about the topics I'm interested in in a rigorous and timed debate format, the kind of format associated with the classic and popular debates held between religious apologists and popular critics of religion like one of my heroes, the late Christopher Hitchens.

I'd like to try this formal debate format out. But because I've never done it before, I want to take it nice and slow.

What I mean by that is that I wanna try the formal debate style employed by the very good Reasonable Doubts Podcast. I'll link to the debates they've hosted in the Info Section below.

Since at least 2012, Reasonable Doubts has released several formal debates using the following format: Instead of being live and in front of an audience the debate I'd like to do would instead be comprised of a series of audio exchanges between debaters.

These exchanges will follow an agreed upon time limitation for each section of the debate.

For each of the several sections, the debaters will be given a week to analyze, script, and record their entries and then exchange them with one another. There would be four sections in total: Each speaker will have an Opening Statement, then statements for two Rebuttal Rounds, followed be a Closing Statement.

Once the debate is finished, all the statements will be edited together in the agreed upon order -- as one debater's section ends, their opponent's section will follow without interruption.

Once this post-production is finished, I'll then release the full debate on my channel and allow you to host the debate on your channel or whatever.

SO, here is the debate schedule I'd like to follow:

Each debater will make a 20 minute Opening Statement followed by a First Rebuttal Round 15 minutes in length, then a Second Rebuttal Round 10 minutes in length after which each debater will make a 5 minute long Closing Statement.

This us each 50 minutes of time to make our cases, resulting in an hour and forty minutes long debate.

Again, both the format and schedule are written in the Info Section of this video.

I rather like this debate format and schedule, but of course I'm willing to tweak it a bit if you'd like a revision somewhere.

For example, I'd be fine with a 2-3 day interval instead.

Any such details can be negotiated if and when anyone is actually interested in taking up my challenge.

I'd also like to do this thing with included ppt presentations, as well.

I'm pretty much looking to ape the 2014 JJ Lowder-Kevin Vandergriff Debate which followed the format and schedule I mentioned. They also posted a debate transcript with presentation slides on their blogs along with a video of the entire debate audio synced to their individual slide presentations.

I have a link to that debate in the Info, btw.

NOW, we got the debate FORMAT and SCHEDULE out in the open, so let's look at the debate TOPICS I'm interested in debating.

1. Did Jesus Christ Rise Bodily from the Dead?

2. Does the Christian God Exist?

3. Does God Exist? or Is Theism True? or Does the Evidence Support Theism?  or...something in the same vein.

4. Biological Evolutionary Theory or Intelligent Design/Creation: Which Does the Evidence Support?

5. Is the Genesis Flood Account of the Old Testament Scientifically Accurate? or Is it Supported by the Available Evidence?

For all of these debate topics, I will defend the atheist/naturalist/skeptic position. That is, for all sans topic number four, I will be arguing the negative position and for that fourth topic I will argue in support of biological evolutionary theory.

ALL of these topics can be tweaked a little, too.

ALSO, for all these I wouldn't mind going second, either.

PLUS, here are some more debate topics I'm interested in, but would need a bit more time to prepare for, and thus am a bit more hesitant tackle.

6. Naturalism/Atheism vs (Christian) Theism: Where Does the Evidence Point?

7. Is God Necessary for Morality?

8. Should Intelligent Design/Creation be taught in the Classroom?

9. Is the United States Government founded on the Christian Religion?

10. Is there Sufficient Evidence to Support an Alternative 911 Conspiracy Theory?

AGAIN, these topics will be listed in the info section.

NOW I have a few ambitions with this debate challenge, I'm not sure if I'll have a screening process or anything of that nature...

I mean, I don't wanna debate a 5 year old or something.

My ultimate goal is to see if I can pull this thing off. If I can defend the worldview(s) and/or positions that I hold with force and clarity, in a formal debate format.

So how about it? Is there anyone who would like to debate me on the topics listed above?

If you are interested or have any ideas AT ALL, please message me or leave a comment on this video and we can go from there!

As you can see I'm new at this. I've been listening to debates for years and even run a blog reviewing them but I've never actually officially attempted to participate in a legit debate with another person. I realized that I don't know how to go about doing this...or rather, I can think of ways of doing this but they seem like pretty weak avenues to follow.

So what I'm doing is making this video and posting it with a transcript in the Info section and then I'll start peddling it to the skeptic and religious blogosphere until I get an opponent.

Well, thanks for watching! Please read the Info Section and I dunno, tell others about this, what I assume is, pivotal experience in your life.

Links Mentioned

Reasonable Doubts Debates in the format I'm interested in

Lowder vs Vandergriff Debate

Here's a PLAYLIST of all my debates/discussions if you wanna see them


  1. I would be willing to be that opponent. I have no formal training, but have studied many of the topics above. My passion is God's word, but my path was one of many questions. It would be a great joy for me to discuss any of that. I look forward to your response.

    1. Martin thank you for the response and the kind assessment of my performance you made on my other blog post!

      I would love to debate! Finding people to debate on this stuff has been hard and Vocab was absolutely awesome to give me a chance to come onto his show even though I had no background in debating sans talking to 911 Truthers on the street and listening to a lot of debates.

      If you want to jump into things I would recommend going on Google Plus Hangouts! After making this post I had a hard time getting challengers but finally realized that the fastest way to jump in is to go on Google Hangouts.

      Here's what you do: if you have a google account go to this page:

      Search through the different rooms and find one that peeks your fancy - there's a lot of Christian rooms. In order to actually join in the room look in the comments section of the event you want to join and there will be a link if it's an open discussion.

      The thing is that it's variable in terms of quality and it's not formal but I have really learned a lot and can't get enough!

      What topic would you want to debate me on?

  2. I would be willing to do any of the subjects above. 5 and 7 jump out immediately. What medium is used for the exchange? Video or audio and is it sent via email?

  3. I'm down to do 5! I've been wanting to do that one! It depends. I would like to use slides but I won't if you don't want to, I think it seems weak if I do. If not, it could be just audio, but you can do video, whatever is easier for you.

    What I was planning on doing was recording it and uploading it to YouTube and send it to whoever I debate. I just added you on G+ so I could send my thing to you and vice versa.

  4. Ok. I'm not familiar with Google plus, but I'll check it out. I may take a while to get back sometimes as my work schedule is a lot, but I accept the above format of 50 min each. I will allow you to go first so that I can get a feel for the system and style. I look forward to this and will wait to hear from you.

    1. Hmmmm, well I can send you mine first and we can still have yours presented first because for 5 you're making the positive case.

      If you watch the Lowder vs Vandergriff debate you'll see what I'm going for. How long of a prep time do you want before the debate and between the segments?

    2. Hey man, I've tried emailing you but I got an error message. The following will be my email address with a lot of filler to make sure spambots don't get it, I will also spell it out phonetically, but my actual email is all one word and not phonetic:

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      If that was too weird then sorry.


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